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Hello, neighbors

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My Story

I am Jerry Doliner. On December 14, 2023 I filed to run for NC House District 40 as a Republican.  While I have followed politics closely for many years, it wasn't until recently that I thought about running for office.  I have no political past, other than volunteering, attending meetings and helping in the 2022 elections for the Republican Party.

I moved to Raleigh in 1953 and have pretty much lived here since then.  I attended the Raleigh and NC public schools from Clarence Poe Elementary onto UNC Chapel Hill.  I have a wife, 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren.  I am a retired businessman, having owned the Blimpie Base sub shop in Chapel hill  right out of college, to owning and running a small chain of Dry Cleaners and Coin Laundries named "The Cleaners", and owning several rental houses.  I am fully retired since April, 2020.

Why politics now?  The extreme divisiveness in our country scares me.  The lack of a well informed populace coupled with a media that is not neutral is pushing our Republic to the brink.  Maybe I can bring a bit of truth and civility to this race and to the NC Legislature after I win this election.

I want to bring common sense to the legislature.  North Carolinians  need their Representatives to be for the good of the state before the good of their party.

Contact Me

I am self funding my campaign; I do not want your money.  I do need help to win this seat, however.  Use the contact form on this website to email me to get involved in some way, large or small.

Call or text: 919-283-9353

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